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Pedir cita en hacienda recaudacion

Conferencia de Prensa #COVID19 | 6 de agosto de 2020

TrámitesEs obligatorio pedir cita previa para realizar cualquier trámite en las oficinas de la Agencia Tributaria o por teléfono.Aunque no es necesario pedir cita para presentar documentos en las oficinas de registro, puede pedirla si lo desea.InformaciónSi tiene cita previa, puede modificarla o anularla en estos mismos enlaces.

Si ha recibido una comunicación de la Agencia Tributaria informándole de que necesita una cita, tras introducir su NIF, dos apellidos y nombre, pulse en “Acceder” y en la opción “Cita previa para atender una comunicación o notificación”.

Minister Alejandro Zelaya in the interview Frente a

According to the data provided in the notifications, if the notified scheme were to be applied it would result in a loss to the Swedish Exchequer of SEK 34 400 000 (EUR 3 822 222) per year, that is SEK 18 200 000 (EUR 2 022 222) in national social

In collaboration with national stakeholders, regional partners and the UNCT, UNMIL will support all initiatives that provide continuity to the Governance and Management Assistance Programme.

The Commission’s reservations that municipalities’ sources of funding are insufficient to co-finance future programs and projects under the Structural and Cohesion Funds or to exercise their environmental protection competencies (SEC(2005) 1425, p. 140) and advocates that environmental protection, as a horizontal competence, should be better integrated into other policy areas, such as spatial planning, which fall under the competence of municipalities.

resources for the municipalities); shares the Commission’s concern that the funding sources granted to the municipalities are not sufficient to cofinance future programmes and projects under the Structural and Cohesion Funds, or to meet their environmental obligations (SEC(2005) 1425, p. 125), and urges that environmental protection be allowed, as a horizontal issue, to play a greater role in other policy areas – e.g. spatial planning – that are part of the municipalities’ remit

No Tengas Miedo a la Oscuridad – Full movie at

The Social Agreement in Defense of Employment (I ASDE), reached between the social agents and the Government on May 8, 2020, the day of the first centenary of the Ministry of Labor, which became Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, on social measures in defense of employment, expressed the objective of facilitating the transition from a situation of withdrawal and hibernation to a situation of gradual and gradual restoration differentiated by sectors, collectives and geographical areas.

In relation to the measures of a labor nature, the proceedings based on Article 22 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, which have been requested before the entry into force and, at the latest, until September 30, 2020, are maintained.

These companies and entities must proceed to reincorporate the workers affected by temporary employment regulation measures, to the extent necessary for the development of their activity, giving priority to the adjustments in terms of reduction of working hours as established in Article 1.2 of Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, maintaining the same obligations as those provided in Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, in relation to the express, total and definitive communications to the labor authority of the waiver of the measures of suspension or reduction of working hours.