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By Agreement of April 27, 2021, the Council of Ministers approved the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), which incorporates an important agenda of investments and structural reforms.

The Ministry of Territorial Policy will manage these grants in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation by reason of their material scope: modernization and digital transformation.

In another order, the criteria to establish the maximum amounts of aid corresponding to each beneficiary entity have been favorably reported by the National Commission of Local Administration, in session held on July 5, 2021.

Therefore, this order is issued in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 17.1 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Law on Subsidies, in relation to Articles 61 and 62 of Royal Decree-Law 36/2020, of December 30, having been subject to the mandatory report of the State Attorney’s Office and the Delegated Intervention in the Ministry of Territorial Policy.


The Social Security offers you its telephone lines through which you can receive information and carry out different procedures without the need to travel and with the commitment of: Not to leave you without response, to provide the information and data requested in minimum time and confidentiality.

If the data provided by the citizen does not coincide with the existing data in our databases, we will send you a form (to be stamped at destination) in which you can easily update the data so that once we are sure of your identity we can send you the requested information.

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La estructura PAT de cada centro cuenta con una coordinadora o coordinador y un equipo tutorial específico. Puedes acceder a la información específica del PAT de tu Facultad o Escuela en el siguiente enlace:

La Oficina de Movilidad de la EPS se encarga de la gestión de los programas de movilidad tanto nacionales como internacionales (SICUE, ERASMUS, no europeos, etc.) para favorecer la movilidad del colectivo universitario de nuestro centro.

En el caso de la EPS, nos encargamos principalmente de las cuestiones académicas: el registro de las asignaciones, los acuerdos de aprendizaje o la traducción de las actas a su expediente. Nuestro equipo está compuesto por la Subdirectora de movilidad y coordinadores de titulación , y Gloria Esparcia y Javier Poveda , del personal de Secretaría de la EPS. Para encontrarnos, puedes consultar esta página web . +info:

Las prácticas permitirán a los estudiantes ampliar su formación mediante la aplicación de los conocimientos teóricos adquiridos en el aula en el mundo empresarial. Esta primera toma de contacto con el mundo laboral puede ser muy útil cuando los estudiantes obtengan su título. Otro factor a tener en cuenta es que se le reconozcan al alumno prácticas en créditos de libre configuración o en horas optativas que se reflejen en su expediente con la asignatura “prácticas”.

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This work has had as aim analyzes the self-perception of the digital competence of elderly people in the Open Training Classroom at University of Granada (Spain). A descriptive study using the questionnaire was done. Even though, that the use of devices on the part of elderly people has grown in recent years, this population needs to develop a series of additional skills that allow them to be related to the technology of a responsible and suitable way.

The need for communication is an inherent and fundamental part of any human being. It is what characterizes us as social beings, what opens us to the world around us and what makes us interact with different people. Since the technological revolution, the possibilities of openness to the contemporary world have been characterized by a progressive development that enhances and expands the possibilities of communication and openness to society, enriching both the ways and means to do so, so that not only are made available to people a number of means for them to interact with each other, but, in turn, society demands that today’s citizens know how to effectively carry out these tasks, promoted mainly after the impact of technology in all areas and fundamental pillars of society.