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Digital certificate

From today you can make an appointment for the renewal of the DNI on the website of the City Council of Requena. This novelty will bring convenience. From this Monday the citizens of Ceuta can already make their renewal complying with the different preventive measures in the Jefatura. Where to request the appointment? What sanitary norms must be complied with?

The City Council of Arganda del Rey has an office of attention to the citizen for the expedition of DNI, passport and documentation. Who can request it? MORE POLICE STATIONS WITH. In the case of not having DNI, or not having been able to get an appointment for the period of.

Office of Foreigners and Documentation. You must request an appointment for this procedure, by e-mail. PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT NOTICES. The OFFICIAL PAGE to request a PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT to obtain or renew your DNI or Passport is the following address.

Ministry of the Interior. Administration: State Administration. The service of previous appointment to renew the DNI is reactivated this Wednesday in Galicia and the rest of territories in phase 2. For the issuance of.

Social Security Spain

Once you are inside the official website, you will see that it offers you different options to choose from, you will see that you can carry out many procedures, such as requesting unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits, etc. For this you will need an appointment, you will be assigned a day and time and you will be processed from the employment office.

This step is basic but not less important, when you have entered the official SEPE website, you will have to enter all your personal data that they ask you, as well as select the procedure you want to do. Among the personal data that you will be asked for will be:

When you have introduced all the data, you will have to click on “Accept”, once given, we will see the same as the image below, for this you will only have to fill in all the data requested.

Keep in mind that if you want to apply for unemployment benefits, you will have to be registered as a job seeker beforehand, it is a separate appointment to go to the Employment Office. The good thing is that you do not have to make an appointment online to sign up for unemployment benefits, since you can go without an assigned date.

Tesorería general de la seguridad social deutsch

The Social Agreement in Defense of Employment (I ASDE), reached between the social agents and the Government on May 8, 2020, the day of the first centenary of the Ministry of Labor, which became Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, on social measures in defense of employment, expressed the objective of facilitating the transition from a situation of withdrawal and hibernation to a situation of gradual and gradual recovery differentiated by sectors, groups and geographical areas.

In relation to the measures of a labor nature, the proceedings based on Article 22 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, which have been requested before the entry into force and, at the latest, until September 30, 2020, are maintained.

These companies and entities must proceed to reincorporate the workers affected by temporary employment regulation measures, to the extent necessary for the development of their activity, giving priority to the adjustments in terms of reduction of working hours as established in Article 1.2 of Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, maintaining the same obligations as those provided in Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, in relation to the express, total and definitive communications to the labor authority of the waiver of the measures of suspension or reduction of working hours.

Instituto nacional de la seguridad social madrid

Personarse en una oficina de las prestaciones, pidiendo cita para ir en ese día y hora. Cumplimentarás digitalmente una solicitud con el gestor en mesa, aunque también puedes descargar el formulario de solicitud y llevarlo ya cumplimentado y firmado. La solicitud de prestación contributiva se puede descargar aquí.

De no tener suficientes cotizaciones (requiere 360 días cotizados mínimos que no se han utilizado en una entrega anterior) puede solicitar una cotización insuficiente prestación. Reconocerá que está en condiciones de cumplir con el requisito propio (menos del 75% del SMI) y de la unidad familiar y si:

Para percibir el subsidio durante ese periodo, deberá presentar una solicitud individual de prestación contributiva. Tendrás derecho a ella, independientemente de las cotizaciones que tengas, ya que no se tiene en cuenta para esta situación de fuerza mayor. Solicitarás por una de estas vías: